About Us

AERT converts reclaimed plastic and wood fiber waste into quality outdoor decking and railing systems, fence systems, and door and window components. The Company is the exclusive manufacturer of ChoiceDek® decking, which is available in multiple colors and sold by Lowe's Home Improvement stores located in the U.S. and Canada. AERT's MoistureShield® decking products are available throughout North America and internationally through regional distributors and dealers.

AERT operates manufacturing facilities in Springdale and Lowell, Arkansas and in Watts, Oklahoma. Investors can access real-time stock quotes and information at otcmarkets.com.

AERT Timeline


AERT was founded by the Brooks family and associates of Springdale, Arkansas to develop a new technology for combining recycled wood fiber and recycled polyethylene plastic to form a highly durable, non-toxic, termite resistant engineered composite building material.


AERT’s initial manufacturing facility was opened just outside of Junction, Texas.


AERT introduced the MoistureShield® line of door and window components for use by major manufacturers requiring the properties of AERT’s stable, durable composites.

AERT commenced its plastic reclamation operation in Rogers, Arkansas.


AERT entered into a joint development agreement with the Dow Chemical Company of Midland, Michigan for the purpose of developing polyethylene film recycling technology.


AERT introduced LifeCycle™ decking products.


The ChoiceDek® brand was introduced by Weyerhaeuser which became a national distribution and marketing partner for AERT’s composite decking and accessories.


AERT commissioned a new manufacturing facility, Springdale North, in Springdale, Arkansas.


The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded AERT with our first patent for the extruded composite material used exclusively by AERT to manufacture its high quality building products.


AERT opened a plastic recycling and warehousing facility in Springdale, Arkansas.


Weyerhaeuser and AERT entered into a strategic alliance with Lowe’s for their exclusive right to sell ChoiceDek® in the North American market.


AERT opened plastic recycling processing plants in Lowell, Arkansas and Alexandria, Louisiana.


AERT completed the addition of new extrusion and embossing production lines at the Springdale, Arkansas and Junction, Texas facilities.


AERT completed the construction of a new extrusion facility, Springdale South, beside the existing Springdale, Arkansas plant.


AERT notified the NASDAQ Stock Market of its intent to voluntarily delist its shares and transfer trading of its Class A Common Stock from the NASDAQ Capital Markets to the OTC Bulletin Board.


A new recycling facility in Watts, Oklahoma was commissioned.


Recycled polyethylene sales commenced.


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