A leading plastics recycler and manufacturer of Green composite building products

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                             AERT AT A GLANCE 

  • Founded in 1988, AERT was one of the first polyethylene recyclers in the U.S.

  • A Green Technology Driven Company with 14 Patents and 6 Patents Pending

  • Proprietary Recycling Process Allows Utilization of Significantly Contaminated Polyethylene While Maintaining Industry Leading Finished Goods Quality Proven Products

  • 3 Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Green Product Lines: ChoiceDek, MoistureShield, and LifeCycle

  • Eco Product Development – Deck Tiles, MoistureShield FR, Next Generation Building Products

  • Recently Completed Construction of Revolutionary LEED Certified Plastic Recycling and Manufacturing Facility

  • Recipient of Numerous Recognitions and Awards Including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 6 Environmental Excellence Award

About AERT:  Since 1989, AERT (OTCBB:AERT) has pioneered the use of recycled polyethylene plastic in the manufacture of composite building materials. With its constantly evolving portfolio of patented and proprietary recycling technologies, AERT has been widely recognized as a leader in resource conservation innovation and received the EPA Award for Environmental Excellence for its process of converting scrap plastic to composite outdoor decking. AERT converts reclaimed plastic and wood fiber waste into quality outdoor decking systems, fence systems, and door and window components. The Company is the exclusive manufacturer of ChoiceDek decking, which is available in multiple colors and is sold in Lowe's Home Improvement stores nationwide. See for more information. AERT's MoistureShield decking program has achieved national distribution with products now available throughout the U.S. See for product information or to find a regional distributor or dealer. AERT operates manufacturing facilities in Springdale and Lowell, Arkansas and recently commenced operations at its Green Age recycling facility in Watts, Oklahoma.


AERT's Green Mission

What we do


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AERT innovation


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AERT Facilities

AERT facilities


The Importance of AERT Recycling

Q.  Why is recycled material environmentally preferable to virgin material?

A.  Manufacturing new products with recycled raw materials conserves energy, reduces pollution and waste, creates jobs, and lowers cost when compared to manufacturing those same products with virgin raw materials.

AERT logoAERT's Process Reduces Waste

  • AERT Green decking products are the modern solution to building or replacing your deck.

  • AERT products do not require painting or sealing to maintain their natural beauty and textured wood grain appearance.

  • As environmentally preferable products, AERT products are made with over 90% recycled content which can help building projects achieve LEED certification.

  • Here are some examples of the positive energy and environmental impacts created by AERT, Inc. through the use of recycled materials to manufacturer its Green building products:

    • Wood Recycled - 87,450,000 Pounds Per Year

    • Plastic Recycled - 71,550,000 Pounds Per Yearno to pollution

    • Total Landfill Reduction - 159,000,000 Pounds Per Year

    • Landfill Savings Equivalent - 21 Football Fields Stacked 10 Ft. High

    • Greenhouse Gas Savings - 165,360 MTCO2E Per Year

    • Energy Saved by Recycling - 3.13 Trillion Btu Per Year

    • Gasoline Equivalents Saved by Recycling - 596,159 Barrels Per Year

    • Using AERT decking to build a 12' X 12' deck saves the energy equivalent of 110 gallons of gasoline due to its recycled polyethylene and wood content.

AERT logoAERT Reduces Greenhouse Gas

  • A 12 Ft. x12 Ft. AERT deck reduces greenhouse gas by 619 lbs. of CO2 equivalent over a deck constructed with virgin materials.

  • The wood and plastic recycling that AERT does each year has the equivalent impact of taking 54,162 passenger vehicles off the road.

AERT logoAERT Reduces Waste

  • AERT recycles millions of plastic grocery bags and milk jugs together with other plastic waste material each year.

  • Each 12 foot AERT deck board contains the equivalent of 889 recycled plastic grocery bags or 92 recycled milk jugs.

AERT logoAERT Recycing Creates Jobs

  • About 65 jobs are created for each 10,000 tons of material recycled per year.

AERT logoAERT Recycling Lowers Cost

  • In most cases, the use of recycled materials lowers manufacturing cost for similar products regardless of the industry (paper, steel, glass, plastic, aluminum, etc.)

AERT Receives National Awards and Recognition

awards and recognition

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